Other than experience, the biggest difference in professional & hobby DJ's is equipment. Unfortunately, most brides don't understand just how important professional level equipment actually is.  The quality of sound provided by top of the line professional speakers & amplifiers is far superior to most systems used by the average DJ.  

At One Shot Entertainment, we use the latest state of the art powered speakers from Electro Voice.  Each speaker provides 1,000 watts of high end sound amplification with rich tones and spectacular sound definition.  It's not about volume, it's about sound quality.  

In addition to the best equipment, all of our DJ's are trained to get the best sound for each event location we service.  Every room has different sound properties, and our DJ's are trained to account for these differences.

All of our lighting effects are brand new LED technology.  They are cool to the touch and use very little power, which allows us to avoid power issues present at many locations.  With proper sound, lighting & an experienced DJ, your reception will be remembered for the right reasons.



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