Every event has different requirements, so it is impossible to give an accurate quote without a consultation. Our service is competitively priced & we can give custom quotes in a matter of minutes.  Some of the factors that effect pricing for an event are:

  • Equipment needed
  • Quality of equipment
  • Lighting desired
  • DJ's experience
  • Event location
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Production value required

At One Shot Entertainment, we offer "full day" service.  When you book OSE, you get us for the entire day, no matter how long your celebration lasts!  This allows us to focus on your big day without time constraints or competing events.


We also do not charge for consultatoin & planning.  In fact, we require & encourage lots of it.  Proper planning ensures we are able to deliver the best event possible. At One Shot Entertainment, we prefer to work with brides who demand as much from us as we do from ourselves.


Please give us a call at 800.651.2707 so we can help make your special day one to remember for the right reasons.



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